# What do we track

The goal of CountUp is to track overall trends in your website and not to track individual visitors. When using CountUp, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously.

Furthermore, we intend to track only the most essential data points and nothing beyond. Here is a complete list of data points we collect and store about your website visitors:

Data Sample Note
Page URL Blue We record the URL for every page viewed on your site to display the number of times each page has been viewed. Only the hostname, pathname, and specific query parameters like ref, source, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, and utm_content are stored. We never retain the complete URL.
HTTP Referer Green We save the URI of the website that directed visitors to your tracked site. This helps display the number of users coming from external links.
Browser Firefox 118 We keep details about the visitor's browser, inclusive of its version. This data originates from the User-Agent HTTP header. Only the relevant information is stored, and the entire User-Agent is omitted.
Operating System Windows 10 This gives insights into the OS your visitors employ. The data is sourced from the User-Agent HTTP header. Again, we only keep the necessary details, omitting the complete User-Agent.
Device Type Desktop By assessing the User-Agent and the screen's width, we categorize the visitor's device as Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile. Details like the full User-Agent and actual screen width aren't stored.
Location Germany, Hessen, Frankfurt We utilize the visitor's IP to determine their location (country, region, city). Once used, the IP address is immediately removed, ensuring it's not saved in any database or logs.